Flying Kites - 8"x 10"
Limited prints, unframed $35.00
"Looking Up"  12"x14..5"
Limited prints $50.00
"Father's Day" 12"x14..5 limited prints unframed $50.00
"Mosquito"  8" x 10" prints, unframed 30.00

Hand Painted and Custom Note Cards
single cards, blank inside - $4.00
Printed Equine Cards, package of 8 - $10.00
Original Art
Welcome to our Store Please bear with us, it is a work in progress with new items being created every day!
"Sturbridge Sheep" oil 12" x 14" $300.00
"Spring Meadow Grazing" oil 12" x 14"  Sold
"The Committee" oil 18" x 24" $450.00
Limited prints $50.00 + 10.00 s&h
Prayer Pots - $12.99
Write a prayer on a small piece of paper, roll it up place it in the pot.  The sacred
act of deliberate attention to prayer is a comfort and reassurance to the soul
"Father's Day" Original oil
34" x 48" $
Copyright 2007 Patricia Naegeli All rights reserved
A sampling of "Inspirations in Sea Glass"
Hand-Made Greeting Cards $4.00
can be custom made to order $6.00 and up
"Umbrellas in the Courtyard"
Colored pencil 8.5" x 12" 225.00
"Floating Away" colored pencil 8.5" x 13" SOLD
"Touching the Sky" mixed media, 8" x 10" $45.00
"Party of Six" colored pencil 18" x 24" $450.00
- Limited Prints $50.00 + 10.00 s&h
"We Plan, God Laughs" colored pencil
18" x 24" $450.00
Ornaments $10.00
Pendant $ 20.00
Choker $20.00
Wine Vinegar Bottle Stopper $20.00
Wine Glass Tags$20.00
"Blessing Boxes" hold over 35
words to draw each day and
reflect on. Various little
houses. 12.00 ea.
Please call the studio for questions if you are interested in original art, customized baby gifts, or  about our other store items.    860-742-7117
"Tree Study" Scratchboard 12" x 16" SOLD
"Gathering" Scratchboard 8" x 10" $75.00
Re-purposed equine creations both ready-made and custom
Equine studies
For honey and beeswax
candles and ornaments
please visit our Etsy store:
Fog Hollow Studios Etsy