"These tiny sculptures
are  about the words of inspiration they offer
far more than they are about the glass.  Please
take time to read the words that accompany
each unique piece.  Even if you don't purchase
one, please be touched by their message."         
                                            Patty Naegeli
"Inspirations in  Sea Glass”
Like each of us, unique in size, shape, and color, bits of sea glass are tossed about
through raging storms and dark and lonely nights.  Eventually, they come to rest on
a sandy beach or a rocky shore and each one is transformed into something even
more beautiful than when it began its journey.  The sea glass also represents hope
and the courage and strength it takes for people to make their journey through life.
To date, over 1,000 ornaments have been given to hospice patients and bereaved
family members to support them as they struggle with the challenges of living,
dying, and surviving.  Since the first ornaments were given, patients and families have
offered ideas for more items. The sale of these other items assures that the
ornaments will continue to be  given free to hospice patients and bereaved families
as a symbol of hope and courage.  

Each piece is made with the reverence, awareness and appreciation, for the human
journey.  The objective of the artist is to inspire and support each recipient through
the words that come with every piece created. These little sculptures are about the
words and they continue to inspire.  As often as possible, natural sea glass is used .
However, due  to the growing rarity, expense, and consequent difficulty finding
good size and color, some manufactured glass is also used.

The glass begins its transformation  when it is first held and turned in the artist’s
hand.  Its shape, color, and texture influence the development of the final sculpture.
Glass beads, semi-precious stones, and carefully selected metals are integrated to  
enhance design.   Each item is a unique tiny  sculpture that sparkles in sunlight ,
shimmers in  the glow of candle light, and is intended to remind us of our own
uniqueness and of the courage it takes to  be  human.
Ornament - meant to hang in a sunny window
where light shines through to remind us of our
human courage, perseverance, and beauty
Plant pipe - place it in a plant to
enhance its beauty and remind us of
our own, inside and out.
Wine bottle collar and wine glass tags
Two wine bottle collars - also available: Wine bottle stoppers
Plant watering pipe - holes in the
bottom allow water to be distributed
to plant slowly.
Ornaments - each piece is unique in its
design and signed by the artist
Necklace - designed also as chokers,
corded, and tigertail.  Sets with
matching earrings also available.
Napkin ring - offered individually or in
matching sets of 4, 8, & 12
For more information about "Inspirations in Sea Glass"
please call
Fog Hollow Studio
at 860-742-7117.
Copyright 2007 Patricia Naegeli All rights reserved
Inspirations in Sea Glass
Assortment of ornaments
Plant Pipe (left)  Plant Waterer (right)