As a pet portrait artist Patty is able to capture the true spirit of the animal with soft, careful attention to the eyes and uniqueness of every
detail. People have said, "You can feel the animal's spirit in her work.
The studio is open to visitors for gift and art shopping and for instruction throughout  the
year by appointment.  If you are interested in learning more about what is created at the
studio or instruction, please visit our "contact us" page, or call  the studio  at 860-742-7117.
At the studio, limited private instruction is offered to adults and children in a peaceful,
natural, and spiritually inspired setting.  The studio is located at Fog Hollow Farm and from
the windows of Patty's studio, students look out on horses ,quail, peacocks, chickens and
ducks raised at the farm.  Patty's Golden Retrievers, Anam Cara ("soul friend" in Gaelic), and
Eternal Echo, greet each student with wagging tails and "dog talk" that says they are happy to
welcome visitors.

Through private one-on-one instruction, students are supported and encouraged to direct
their own artistic journey, expression, and exploration.  Included in the cost of each class is
the use of a broad spectrum of materials for both two and three dimensional work,
including but not limited to watercolor, pen and ink, oils, clay, printmaking, colored
pencil.  It has always been the philosophy of the studio to provide students with the
opportunity to experience art materials available to them so that they can explore and get to
know what they like before expending the money to purchase costly supplies.  As important
as guidance in technique and skill, present always is encouragement, support, humor, and the
nurturing of the spirit.
Patty works as a full-time Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor for
a Connecticut hospice.  In that capacity she often walks with people and
listens as they try to sort out difficult spiritual and emotional issues and
strive to find hope and courage.  In her hospice work, deeply inspired and
impressed by the people she meets, Patty incorporates her love for art in the
creation of small sculptures called "Inspirations in Glass,"  The sculptural
ornaments,are given free to hospice patients and bereaved family members
intended to be hung in a sunny spot where they will remind us of our
courage and perseverance and that hope never dies, .  Please go to the
"Inspirations" page to read more about these lovely and inspiring creations.  
In October 2014 Patty marked twelve years as Chaplain and Forensic Artist
for the Coventry Police Department.  In the capacity
of Chaplain Patty offers requested counseling and support to the
community and to the police staff,  works with officers to provide support
in traumatic incidents, death notifications and survivor support, and  
education to the community.  In the capacity of Forensic Artist, she is
called on to interview eye-witnesses through carefully assisting them in
accessing recalled memory through a comprehensive  technical process
resulting in a composite drawing of the suspect which has proven to be
effective in the apprehension and conviction of criminals.
Welcome to Fog Hollow Art Studio! It is home to the efforts of a family, working
together to create inspiring work and fine craft and it is the outlet of the creative
energy of three generations. The studio began in the 1970s when fine artist Patty
Naegeli, dedicated to family, developed a ceramic studio called "Little Hands" teaching
classes and exhibiting her work throughout Connecticut. After receiving a degree in
Visual Fine Art Patty has since worked in a wide variety of mediums.  Paintings are
primarily in oils with smaller works in pen and ink and various methods of
printmaking.  Less frequently now than she would like, she creates sculptural pieces in
clay.  The body of her work has always focused on the human spirit and the beauty of
the natural world.  She is represented through her work in both private and public
collections throughout the US and Europe and through group and solo exhibits
throughout New England.
As an illustrator Patty works primarily in  ink, watercolor pencil, watercolors, dyes and
graphite.  She has executed architectural drawings, designed brochures, posters, and
logos for  commercial businesses and illustrated fourteen equine medical, instructional,
and humor books for two major publishing companies on the east coast:     
h and  

Illustrational work available at the studio shop includes:
  • handmade note cards
  • one-of-a-kind greeting cards
  • framed and/or matted fine art pieces
  • uniquely designed and inspirational art for children
As a craftswoman, Patty has been commissioned to create imagery on a
wide variety of surfaces including metal, slate, wood, glass, and fabric.  
She has painted carousel horses, furniture, and glass.  If a surface can be
painted, she probably has painted on it.  Her craftsmanship is on display
in most corners of the United States as well as in Switzerland, Germany,
and the United Kingdom.

Her American Handcrafted designs have been featured in "Femail
Creations", "Simply Extraordinary", and "Fire and Finesse" catalogs and
As a muralist Patty has designed and executed countless ceramic
tile and acrylic wall murals that depict a broad scope of imagery  
and have always included the home or business owner in the
painting process.  "They have to live with whatever they put on
their walls so I like to give home owners the opportunity to own
the work and love it."  In 1990 through 1992, Patty was a textile
and ceramic tile mural artist at Art Inherited in Land O' Lakes,
FL.  Since returning to New England in 1993 she limits mural
work to select commissions.
Copyright 2007 Patricia Naegeli All rights reserved
"Ladies of the Rosary"  Oils 22" x  50"  Private Collection
Life-size carousel reproduction, commissioned
Portion of a kitchen wall mural
At work on a home mural
Please contact Fog Hollow Studio
at this email address:
"The Committee" Oil 18" x 24" Private Collection
Prints available
"Michael the Day We Met" Watercolor 10" x 12"
"Party of Six" 18"x 24"  Watercolor Pencil
Private Collection
Prints Available